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Amanda Lynne. 21. Single mother of the most beautiful little girl in the world. I get too emotionally invested into tv shows, movies and books. I write. I sing. I love music. A good MMO and a 6 pack of IBC rootbeer are probably the quickest things to combine in order to win my heart.

Don't be afraid to ask me anything you want to know, I love conversations.

of these blogs, and the majority of their content is circling solely around alcohol, drugs, sex, “living young, and wild, and free,”…all of these things that supposedly make people happy.

I read the information and it says things like,

"i go to party’s, so i’m an alcoholic. i like to have fun, so i’m a slut. i wear make-up and straighten my hair, so i’m fake. i sometimes make innapropriate jokes, so i’m trashy. i cry, so i’m emotional. i speak my mind, so i’m a b****h. i wear some clothes that are out of style, and sometimes just throw my hair in a ponytail, so i’m ugly. so i guess i should be a nun… no wait, then i’d be boring…"

…and I look at the other half of the posts- they’re mostly about how depressed that person is, or how much they hate their lives. I see even more posts about faking smiles, never truly being happy, battling eating disorders, major self-esteem issues, self-injury, suicide.
I see these things and I just think about why, why these people are left so empty.

We seek out happiness in all of these supposedly “fun” things that make us so happy and make life so much better…and if that’s the case, then why do all of these people constantly make statements about the hatred they have for their lives and themselves, about their depression, their loneliness?

I ask this question, when actually I know the answer.
I see the emptiness, I see the gaping hole within their hearts.
I had that same hole for quite some time. 

-“Are you saying you never get depressed? You never have bad days and feel down about yourself? I’ve read some of your posts, you have pretty bad days too.”

No. I’m certainly not  saying that I never have bad days, nor that I’m always entirely happy.
I may not always be happy, but I always have joy.

-“But those are the same thing. You can’t have joy, if you’re not happy.”

…and that is where you’ve gone a bit off from the truth. Joy and happiness aren’t at all the same thing. Happiness is temporary. Happiness depends on your circumstances. Happiness is a fleeting emotion that comes from, a lot of times, things that we do or are around, some times even people.
Joy however, does not. Joy is not fleeting. Joy is not temporary. Joy does not come from our circumstances.

Are you confused? If so, feel more than free to ask me any questions you have, even to toss me any opinion you have on this.

Don’t care, then pass it on by- this is something I’ve been mulling over for a bit now.